Thread Lift Treatment

When ageing process takes its toll on you, the consequence is a face that is disposed to sag and slump, particularly the parts from the cheekbones and jawline. These days, people resort to having a thread lift to appear younger and more invigorated. If you too are depressed seeing your saggy cheekbones and wilted jawline, you can visit SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic. Here, you will be welcomed by a dedicated team of experts who will enlighten you amazingly on thread lifting and how the process can be particularly used to lift and tighten the saggy bits of your visage.

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Dr. Hema Pant is a dermatologist who has a keen interest in cosmetic dermatology and facial contouring. She is gold medalist and an admirable trainer for Botox and Fillers. Also, she works as a head medical advisor at Kaya Skin Clinic, New Delhi. Her expert strategies on deciding the treatments are the key which comforts all her patients. She utterly believes in positive thinking in life and its applications. She enthusiastically tells all her patients that “You wear your face daily so extemporize and take care of it like you do with clothes.” Truly, she is a great guide and amazing doctor.

Youthful and glowing looks is a yearning of almost every person who is experiencing ageing and has to cope with the upsetting signs of ageing. If you are rummaging around to impart your skin that “lift” so as to make it look younger and revived, look no further than SCULPT Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic in South Delhi. At the clinic, we provide you with proficient help in deciding the type of skin firmness anti-ageing treatment that you need. Our treatment options encompass thread lift for face, tummy, neck, nose, thread lift for stomach, abdominal thread lift, thread lift neck surgery and many more.

Dr. Hema Pant

Dermatologist ( MBBS, MD Dermatology )
  • Gold Medalist
  • International Trainer (Botox & Fillers)
  • Head Medical Advisor “KAYA SKIN CLINIC” New Delhi

Thread Lift Surgery

Thread Skin Tightening

Time indeed takes its toll on our face. We might develop jowls. We might find lines and wrinkles forming on our forehead and near the eyes. The skin may not look as taut as it once did. There aren’t any creams or magic tonics to stop time. So, countless people prefer to turn to thread lift surgery. This incredible body contouring approach seems to turn back the clock and promises to give you your youthful and radiant looks back. As we mature, a loss of collagen and elastin in our skin can result in slacker facial tone and the appearance of fine lines, crinkles and crumples. Losing this protein, pooled with a natural loss of fat on the face, can hollow the upper cheeks and make the area above the jaw line (jowl) and around the chin (marionette lines) heavy, giving an exhausted and hoary look. All this can be handled well if a person undergoes thread lift procedure in Delhi.

A thread facelift is a safe, expedient alternative to customary facelift surgery. Intended to be less invasive, it can lessen drooping around the cheeks, jawline and neck more speedily and with less peril than the conventional methodology. Comprehensively, it is a cosmetic process that lifts and readjusts drooping tissue while adding definition to facial silhouettes by using absorbable ‘threads’. This technique aids to reposition flaccid cheeks, lift eyebrows, rectify the marionette line, support the neck and mend facial features.

Because of the exceptional design of the specially designed soft barbs or cogs of the threads, the adjoining tissues act to clasp the threads in position without the requisite for discernible scars. For the mid-face process, the doctor makes a small incision near the ear and the threads are advanced along the formerly marked contours toward the chin and jawline, thus constructing a firm hold on the underlying tissues without instigating further disturbance. The barbs or cogs do the work of holding, by being hooked to tissue as they are tenderly contoured into place. Threads are preferably suitable for younger and middle aged patients whose skin tone has started to become slack with time or sun impairment and who don’t want or are incapable to have a customary face-lift. Patients are evaluated exclusively for their fittingness.

The superlative candidates for a thread facelift are in their 30s to 60s and have moderately good skin tone. Most have started to experience drooping in their face or neck but do not have unreasonably slack skin or sagging facial regions that might necessitate more rigorous facelift surgery. If signs of aging are moderately trifling, a thread lift may be a worthy way to make cosmetic improvements while sidestepping facelift scarring and other possible side effects, which sometimes befall after more rigorous surgical techniques.

The thread lift mildly lifts and relocates tissues that have tumbled into the hands of gravity, occasioning in a more young-looking appearance. Hollow cheeks appear fuller, while any droopiness is elevated and wrinkles are relieved. Downtime after a thread lift treatment is negligible, but you may experience some very trivial bruising or swelling in the days after your process and some mild stiffness in the regions that have been elevated. The thread lift surgeons will give you advice tailored to your lifestyle to make sure your recovery is as fast and easy as imaginable. Cold ice compresses are suggested for the first 2 hours after the process. Sometimes soreness or minor pain can occur, which can be cured with oral analgesic.

You may experience swelling, uneasiness or pain, bruising, pulling or tightness, puckering or dimpling of the skin, blemishing, irregularity, bleeding, nerve impairment, septicity, numbness that is generally provisional, smaller effect of the anticipated duration of correction and thread cracking. However, these seldom occur and in maximum circumstances will resolve.

  • Negligibly invasive and is non-surgical
  • Scar-free solution to face lift
  • Outcomes are more subtle than a typical facelift
  • Economical than a full facelift
  • Downtime is substantially less
  • Is changeable if you hate the outcomes and can be attuned within one month to attain the outcomes you desire.

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